I was 6 years old, watching hundreds of people respond to my spoken words.

I realized then, that if those words had the power to change a person’s mood or approach, even a little, then it would change that person’s reality. I found this startling.

Words tumble out of our mouths, yet we forget how potent they are. Once released, never again caged.

This is my arcade of words, what I call a Hall of Thoughts. היכל המחשבות (heichal Ha’machshavot) in my language.

I think of and create new worlds with my thoughts, words are the bricks, the glass, the sky, the road, the sea.

I love to dream. I remember my dreams, like a movie. Play. Rewind. Play. Scan.

I enjoy decorating my thoughts with images – moving and still,  like ads.

My passion is to be clear.  To change peoples’ approach with words and images bound in a salient way.

Art of advertising? I call it being the master of the Hall I choose to dwell in.

My name is Ruth  Esther Leemor and we are many hadrons.


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